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How to backup and restore domain(Plesk 11)
Posted by on 11 May 2016 02:45 AM
1. Login to Plesk Panel

2. Click "Subscriptions"

3. Select and click a Subscription

4. Click "Open in Control Panel"

5. Click "Website & Domains"

6. Click "Backup Manager"

7. Click "Back Up"

8. As you cannot specify the file name for the backup, please add a prefix for further searching.

You can also write the brief comments for the backup.

9. Set the volume size of backup and select the location of the backup. By default, the backup will be stored in the same server. If you want to perform a remote backup, please select "Personal FTP repository". (This function require to set one up first, we will show you after the 17th step)

10. Enter the email address to receive the notification upon task completion

11. Select the backup content then click "Back Up"

12. Following will be shown if succeed

(time took in this step depends the data you have)

13. Click "Schedule Backup Settings"

14. Check the box of "Activate this backup task" to activate the backup

15. Click the box of "Backup period" to select how often the task should be performed

16. Enter the time to state when the task should be started

17. Optionally add the prefix to the backup then click "OK"

18. For setting up Personal FTP repository, click "Personal FTP Repository"

19. Click "Set up personal FTP repository"

20. Please fill in the information required then click "OK"

21. Following will be shown if succeed

22. From this step, we are going to guide how to restore backup

Click "Server Repository"

23. Click the name of backup

24. Check the box for the data you want to restore

25. Optionally enter the email address to receive the notification after restoration then click "Restore"

26. If there are conflicts, they will show here then click "Next"

27. Select the policy to deal with the conflicts then click "Next" to complete restoration


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